Three Ways That Cremation Is A Worthwhile Funeral Alternative

Planning your funeral in advance is a gift that you can give your surviving family members, who won't have to handle unexpected expenses and difficult decisions at the time of your passing. If you're looking into the idea of an alternative to a traditional funeral, opting for cremation and a memorial service is often a smart decision. This approach is not only wise financially, but can also be suitable for an extended family that would rather celebrate the life you lived than mourn your death. Before you make up your mind about the best route to take, here are three important reasons why cremation and a memorial service are a funeral alternative worth your consideration.

Cremation Cost

Choosing to be cremated instead of receiving a traditional funeral presents a significant cost savings. The Canadian average for a burial exceeds $5,000, while the alternative of cremation can cost less than $1,000, depending on the part of the country in which you live. If this way to save money is appealing to you, you're hardly alone. The cremation rate in Canada continues to climb and as high, as 65 percent of the population has opted for this service. Contact a professional funeral home, like Affordable Burial & Cremation, for more information on their cremation rates.

Memorial Service Advantages

Many people who choose to be cremated ask that a memorial service be held in their honour. Whereas traditional funerals are typically held within a few days of death, lots of families decide to keep the cremated ashes in an urn and hold a memorial service at a later date. For some families, this date could be a month after the death to allow distant relatives to arrange travel plans; other families hold the event on the first anniversary of their family member's death. Because of their later date, memorial services often have less of a mournful atmosphere than a funeral -- sure, there will still be tears, but this type of service is often an opportunity to share happy memories about your life.

Spreading Of The Ashes

During or after the memorial service is a suitable time for your surviving family members to spread your ashes in a desired location. Often, this ceremony will take place in a cherished location that you've specified, such as a park you always enjoyed visiting, over a lake or in a place such as a sports stadium -- as long as you have consent. However, your family doesn't have to spread your ashes; if you'd prefer, you could request that your surviving spouse or children keeps the ashes in an urn within the home.

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