Loved One Passed Away With No Insurance? Tips To Help You Pay For The Funeral

When someone you care about passes away with no insurance, it can be devastating for the survivors.  You want to be able to give them the funeral that they deserve, but you just may not have a lot of money to do so.  However, even if a beloved family member or friend passes away without burial protection, there are things you can do to make the funeral more affordable.  Use this information to learn more about how to pay for a funeral when you're on a budget.

Contact Your Local Department Of Social Services

The first thing you want to to do when you need financial assistance to pay for a funeral is contact your local Department of Social Services.  Although you may not realize it, there may be a portion of the city or county's budget set aside to help people just like yourself who need money for a proper burial.

Many times these programs allow local citizens to receive a sum of money that is sufficient to pay for the embalming, coffin and burial.  Keep in mind that there may not be a lot of extra money left over for a more extravagant funeral, so be prepared to make the ceremony more about being heartfelt, versus overly embellished.  

Also, there may be financial limitations on receiving the funds, so make sure that you gather paystubs and tax statements before putting in your application for financial resources.

Consider A Crowdfunding Website

Another option you can use to pay for a funeral when you're low on funds is to post a proposal on a crowdfunding website.  Crowdfunding is a wonderful way for people all across the globe to reach other individuals with their stories to obtain funding.  It just may be the answer you need.

Understand that because so many people post on these sites asking strangers to donate to their cause, you'll need to make your listing unique so you can grab enough of the public's attention.  Include pictures or video of your loved one, and draft a compelling obituary that outlines how they lived their lives.  Be sure to stress any charitable work that they did or if they were the type of person who enjoyed helping other people.

Don't let limited resources keep you from giving your family or friend a funeral that they would be proud of.  Use these tips right away so you can get the money you need to send them off right. Contact a funeral home like Funeral Home by Wiebe & Jeske Burial & Cremation Care Providers to get started.

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