Choosing Speakers For Your Loved One's Funeral

Planning the actual services for your loved one's funeral can be difficult. You may not know who you want to have speak at the services or what you would like them to say. Your funeral home director can help guide you through this process, and you can use the following ideas to help put a plan together for your friend or relative's funeral.

Reach Out To Familiar Clergy Members

If your family has a preferred church, reach out to its clergy first. You may be able to have a minister, priest, or other religious leader your family already knows speak at the funeral. In some cases, you may not know any clergy members you can ask to speak at the services. Your funeral director can put you in touch with someone local who shares your loved one's religion or beliefs. Once you've decided on a religious leader to speak at the services, schedule an appointment to discuss what you would like to have said at the funeral.

Select One Family Member For The Eulogy

Talk with your family and select one person to deliver the eulogy on behalf of everyone. You may want to work with him or her to write it in advance, or you can have close family members submit ideas for the eulogy via email. Have the person you select practice reading through the eulogy a few times in advance to help make the speech easier to deliver.

Invite Mourners To Speak

If you will be having a less formal funeral service, you may want to invite mourners to share their fondest memories with everyone in attendance. Be sure to let people know this is an option before the services begin, as this can help them to gather their thoughts before approaching the podium.

As The Funeral Director To Close The Services

Have the funeral director speak at the end of the services. He or she can share some comforting words as well as instructions for how to prepare for the funeral procession to the cemetery. This can eliminate confusion in the parking lot and make the transition to the graveside service go smoothly.

If you are planning to have a graveside service, you'll also want to discuss this with the clergy member in attendance, as he or she can provide a separate sermon or reading to perform at the cemetery. For burials without a service, have the funeral director announce the plan before the procession begins so people know what to expect when they arrive at the grave site.

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