Things That You Can Consider Doing While You Wait For Cremation To Be Complete

After a loved one has passed away and you've arranged a date and time for the cremation, you may wish to gather some close family members and be present for the beginning of this process. Crematoriums often give you the option of viewing the start of the cremation from a dedicated room, and this can be a way to get together with your loved ones and mourn together. You're unlikely to sit at the crematorium for the entire cremation process, which can take up to two hours. Instead of all going your separate ways and then returning to the crematorium to collect the remains later on, here are some ideas for ways that you can spend this time.

Have A Remembrance Meal

With some time to spare, consider going out for a meal with each of the family members who visited the crematorium for the start of the cremation. Your lives are likely hectic as you deal with the person's passing, but taking an hour to sit down for a meal and share some remembrances about the person can be cathartic. This can be an opportunity to shut off your phones, appreciate each others' companionship, and recount some memories about your late loved one. You might even wish to visit a restaurant that the person considered a favorite.

Get Some Funeral Planning Done

Your family members might not often be in the same room between the person's death and the funeral, so you can take advantage of being together to watch the start of the cremation to get some funeral planning done. Whether you've already made some progress in advance of the person's death, if it was expected, or you really need to make some important decisions because the person's death was sudden and he or she hadn't specified any funeral wishes, you can use this opportunity to shape the plan for the service and delegate tasks.

Collectively Write The Obituary

An important post-death activity is to write the obituary, which is often easier and can yield a better finished product when it's written collectively. Instead of having one person write this important item and potentially miss a key detail, take some time together while you wait for the cremation process to be complete to write the obituary. Even if you all just contribute ideas and then one person returns home afterward and puts them into a formal document, you'll appreciate the ability to each contribute elements to what will widely announce your family member's death and provide information about the upcoming funeral service.

For more information about cremation and cremation services, contact your local crematorium. 

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