Three Urns For People Who Want Their Cremated Remains Kept Together

If your parents are getting up in age and have begun to talk to you about their funeral wishes, they may indicate that cremation is their preferred choice. Moving forward, you'll need to find out how they want you to manage their cremated remains. While some people like the idea of having the remains scattered outdoors, others prefer them to remain in an urn. If your parents love the idea of being together even after their passing, you may wish to talk about the numerous urn options that can suit this scenario. Here are three types of urns that may work for your parents.

Standard Urn

A standard urn can be suitable for people who want their remains kept together. With this type of urn, both sets of cremated remains are poured inside, and they'll mix together. When selecting an urn for this purpose, you just need to be sure that it's large enough to accommodate two unique sets of cremated remains. Wherever you shop for the urn should have such products clearly marked. When your first parent passes away, you can place the remains in the urn, and keep it in a safe place. Upon the second parent's passing, you can add his or her remains.

Split-Middle Urn

There are many urns available on the market that look like a standard urn but have a split reservoir inside. This design can be ideal because while your parents' cremated remains will go in together, each has its own compartment. Provided that you're careful when you add the remains, they should remain on their own side. This approach can sometimes have a symbolic benefit. For example, suiting your parents who loved each other and loved being together, but each had his or her own sense of self.

Double Urn

Another urn design that will suit your parents who wish their remains to be kept together is a double urn. These urns differ in design, but a prevalent style consists of a base on which a pair of regular-sized urns sit. Sometimes, the urns are attached to the base; in other cases, they sit within a pair of voids in the base, but they can be carefully lifted away. With this style of urn, the remains each have their own separate urn, but they'll sit together, and that may provide a high degree of comfort for you and your family members in the years ahead.

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