Beyond Cost: Four Other Advantages Of Cremation

When deciding what to have done with their remains, many people choose cremation simply because it is the most affordable option. But even if you're not on a tight budget, there are some other reasons to consider this approach. Here's a look at four other advantages of cremation over traditional embalming and burial.

You can "rest" in multiple spots.

You can only have your body buried in one place, but if you are cremated, you can have your ashes laid to rest in several spots. This come in handy if you lived in several places throughout your life or if various family members want your remains nearby. You could have your ashes scatted in your favorite spot without also depriving your family members the opportunity to keep some of them at home.

It's good for the earth.

Did you know that embalming fluid is mostly formaldehyde, a chemical that has been shown to increase the risk of cancer? This and other components of embalming fluid can end up in the water supply, and they're not great for plants and animals, either. Getting cremated is a better choice for the planet since ashes are all-natural and much safer for everyone involved. If you try to live in an earth-friendly manner, why not try to die sustainably, too?

You have more flexibility in the funeral services.

If you have a traditional burial and embalming, your funeral needs to be held pretty quickly after your death, which may make it tough for certain family members to make it on short notice. When you're cremated, there's no rush to bury the body before decomposition starts. So, your loved ones can put off your funeral for another week or so until everyone is able to make it. This makes cremation a great choice if your family is scattered around the country (or the world) and would have to travel for your funeral.

You don't have to work with a cemetery.

If you opt to be embalmed and buried, loved ones will forever have to rely on a cemetery to take care of your grave site and offer access to your grave site. Cremation allows for a lot more independence. Nobody will be denied the opportunity to visit your burial site because the cemetery is closed, and you don't have to worry about what will happen if the cemetery closes and stops landscaping. A loved one -- or several -- can keep your ashes and have full control over them.

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