How To Pay For A Funeral When You Have Limited Funds

Losing a relative is difficult for a family. Unfortunately, you do not have time to grieve because you must plan a funeral. It gets even more stressful when you do not have the money for a burial. The average cost of a funeral is between $7000 and $10000. Read on to find out how to pay for a funeral when you have limited funds.

Find Out More About Cremation

If you are low on money, then you may want to consider a funeral home cremation. The average cost of cremation is $1,100. You have to make your cremation provider aware of any devices on the body. These devices include implants, pacemakers, and prostheses. They must be removed before the procedure. Mechanical devices can damage the crematory. You are responsible for any damages.

However, you can still get funeral home services, but it will add to your expenses. Some families may want to have a ceremony, a rite of passage, or a viewing. You also have to provide the crematory with an urn. Otherwise, the crematory will put the remains in a container.

Look Into A Green Burial

A green burial is a natural process of burying someone. It puts very little impact on the earth, and it is environmentally friendly. This burial approach protects the health care workers, preserves the environment and conserves natural resources. It does not use embalming fluid. Workers do not have to handle chemicals and chemicals are not going into the ground.

The body is put in a green casket. It is also buried in a green cemetery along with a green headstone. The body absorbs into the ground as well.

Consider A Home Funeral

A home funeral is when the family takes care of the burial at home. It is a legal practice in many states. However, you must meet certain requirements. The requirements include filing for a plat map and having several acres of land. The Green Burial Council can help you with carrying out this service.

A death can pull a family apart or make them closer. You should focus on remembering your loved one's legacy. Death is sometimes unexpected. You may not be prepared financially or emotionally. It is important to not feel bad about not having a traditional funeral.

You should get closer as a family and lean on each other. It does not require a lot of money to celebrate your loved one.

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