3 Casket Features To Consider

There are many decisions that must be made when planning for your funeral. Opting to spend the time engaging in pre-planning prior to your death ensures that your funeral will go according to your wishes.

Since your physical body will spend the remainder of its days lying in a casket after burial, you should pay careful attention to the type of casket you choose. Modern caskets can be equipped with a variety of amenities that allow you to personalize your final resting place.

1. Couch Style

One of the most basic features that you should consider when selecting a casket for your funeral is the style of couch you prefer. In casket terms, the couch refers to the way in which the casket's lid opens.

A casket can be either full couch (meaning the entire lid opens as a single unit), or half couch (meaning the head portion and feet portion of the lid open independently of one another). A half couch casket is more convenient if you are planning to have a viewing or wake, but the couch style is a matter of personal preference.

2. Liner Material

The interior of modern caskets is often lined with a soft material to make the casket more comfortable. The type of material used to line a casket can influence the overall style and feel of the casket itself.

If you are hoping to exude a luxurious and elegant vibe during your funeral, then you might want to select satin or velvet as your casket liner material. Polyester is better suited for individuals who want a rugged or cozy casket.

Be sure to consider the effect your liner material will have on the appearance of your casket when selecting options for your final resting place.

3. Personalized Panels

You want your casket to feel as personal as possible. In order to achieve this goal, it can be helpful to invest in personalized panels when adding features to your casket.

These panels are typically scenes or messages that are embroidered onto the liner material within the lid of a casket. You can have your casket personalized with a scene depicting your favorite hobby, or you can include your favorite quote in your casket's design.

Some caskets can also be retrofitted with commemorative drawers that allow friends and family members to personalize your casket with special trinkets and mementos that you can carry with you after your burial. For more information or assistance, contact a local funeral home.

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