4 Types Of Headstone Shapes To Choose From

As you plan out headstone options for a cemetery, one of the first decision you need to make is the shape and style of the headstone. When you learn about the different monuments available, you can make a better decision on the final headstone design you want to purchase.

The headstone will last for multiple decades and act as a way to honor and remember loved ones.

1. Flat

A flat headstone lies flush to the ground and is one of the smaller headstone options. Depending on the cemetery plot you purchased, a flat headstone may be required because of the location, landscaping needs, or the number of other gravestones in the surrounding area.

A flat gravestone is typically rectangular in shape and has plenty of space for engraving needs. On a shared plot, you have plenty to fit both names, either one per side or listed from top to bottom.

2. Upright

One of the most common monuments you will see are upright headstones. The headstones stand up out of the ground and feature easy to read engravings. The shapes of the headstones vary and the part that typically stands out is the top. You can have the top rounded off, feature straight edges, or include specialty shapes like the formation of a heart.

You can also choose the finish on the sides of the headstone. You have the option to keep a natural rock formation or select an option that is smooth and polished. An upright gravestone often has the most space to put text, photos, or special engravings like etched symbols.

3. Slants

A mix between a flat and upright headstone is a slant. A slanted headstone is much shorter than an upright design but features a slanted finish that sticks up out of the ground. A slanted headstone is easy to read details on when someone stands in front of the grave. The slant may stand on its own are connect to a larger base to give the slant extra height.

A slant headstone typically features a completely smooth finish with the details laser-etched onto the face of the stone.

4. Benches

One of the more unique options for a grave is a memorial bench. The bench features the same stone options as headstones but is formed into a place where guests can sit and reflect on their loved ones. The top of a bench is the main area that is engraved and can include all of the details about a loved one.

In some cases, you can have the legs of a bench engraved to feature symbols or additional information like a special quote.

View visuals of each headstone before making your final decision.

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